Drive productivity

Promote safety awareness

Emphasise corporate objectives


Alive Displays offer a contemporary way to enhance your business operation using digital displays.

Attract attention

Visual displays attract attention in a powerful manner. Our Smart Enterprise Communications technology allows you to quickly and efficiently integrate your corporate images and data, regardless of formats, to get your message to your intended audience.

Influence behaviour

Highlighting energy or material consumption has been proven to change behaviours. Having up to date information and data displayed at all times can influence staff and customers – and reduce costs in your business.

Update your content easily

Alive Displays connect to a wide range of data sources, using the PADS4 software. Straightforward techniques such as ‘drag and drop’ allow staff at all levels to easily create and maintain content. Alive Displays provide initial and continuing training to you and your staff in order to get the best results from the system.

Connect to any data source

Our Smart Enterprise Communications technology brings data to life by displaying information from networked devices, websites or social media feeds.

Reduce printing costs

The cost of printing signs, notices, promotional materials, and other display items can accumulate. An initial investment in digital displays allows you to change your content at any time, and at no extra cost to your business or the environment.

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