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Serve your guests well with effective display communication

In hospitality guest experience is an essential key to success. Once hotels, restaurants and convention centers have chosen display communication, they will never go back to static paper signs. The possibilities to improve the service towards your guests and visitors are sheer endless with digital signage.

Make smart use of your existing back-end systems

Offer vivid and attention grabbing content with digital signage, varying from wayfinding and digital signs to displaying tourist information on self-service kiosks or digital menu boards. Make smart use of your existing back-end systems. For example, connect to external transportation schedules and provide your guests with the latest travel information in the lobby or even in their rooms. Or link up to your room reservation system and display real-time meeting room availability..

Use PADS for Hospitality Digital Signage

  • Welcoming messages
  • Activities & promotions
  • Event programs
  • Meeting room door signs
  • Self-service wayfinding
  • Public transport info
  • Dynamic menu boards
  • Paging
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