Medical Device Manufacturing

Point your patients and visitors into the right direction

If it’s one place where digital communication is indispensable, it’s in healthcare environments such as hospitals, medical centers or doctor practices. With so many patients and visitors coming and going every day, you need a flexible and up-to-date wayfinding solution to direct them quickly to their destination. Especially with mobile departments and clinics nowadays, changing their locations when required dynamic guidance is a must.

Create your own healthcare channel

Make use of the many existing sources of information your healthcare institute already has in-house. Build an efficient and cost reducing communication system to serve your patients, visitors and healthcare staff.

Combine your dynamic wayfinding with interactivity, connect to your queue management system and update patients about their estimated waiting time, educate your patients with preventative healthcare messages in waiting rooms, show menu boards in your cafeteria and display real-time staff schedules in personnel-only areas. Whatever your needs are in healthcare, with digital signage you can communicate the right information wherever, whenever.

Use PADS for Healthcare Digital Signage

  • Welcoming messages
  • Health infotainment
  • Visiting hours
  • Staff communication
  • Wayfinding
  • Waiting times
  • Queue management
  • Advertising
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