HR & Corporate Communications

Inform and engage your employees

The key to any successful business is effective communication. Smart Enterprise Communication means building employee engagement and maintaining communications channels. Alive Displays allows you to keep your entire staff up to date and motivated by helping you create your own compelling company channel. Reach your employees on any display, on any location worldwide, from the video-wall in the entry hall to a desktop PC in the sales department, from the 42 inch screen meeting room display to the tablet of your marketing manager.

Make sure nobody misses your message

It’s crucial the people at your assembly lines see the new work safety video, and that your sales managers operating across multiple sites see this week’s sales statistics. With Alive Displays, Smart Enterprise Communication is possible – directing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Use our technology to disseminate information such as internal bulletins, employee training, live traffic/news, evacuation procedures, meeting room updates and directions. Extend your solution to include instant desktop alerts.

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